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Welcome to growXP, a Premier PPC agency in Delhi where client projects are completed by an expert team. We assure to bring organic traffic for your business to convert into a lead.

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PPC or pay – per – click is an amazing thing to derive traffic if used wisely. PPC is a digital marketing tactic that is used to drive relevant viewers through ads on search engines so that they can find whatever they are searching for.

We, being the best PPC agency in Delhi, have a team of professional and experienced digital marketers who know how to leverage viewers through paid ads to online businesses and websites. GrowXP creates innovative PPC campaigns that can bring relevant viewers to online businesses.

innovative PPC campaigns that can bring relevant viewers to online businesses. Our experts first evaluate the PPC campaign, then design it and implement it through beneficial paid marketing strategies. For creating an interesting and relevant PPC campaign we use data-driven insights and a structured campaign that will touch the heart of viewers.

Our designed PPC ad campaigns help businesses ultimately achieve high-quality lead generation that gets converted into sales. We know that profit-oriented PPC ad campaigns are hard to design but our skilled team uses an appropriate set of keywords and ideas to reduce the marketing cost and manage bids.

PPC is a great technique to tap into the vast reservoir of customers that are not swayed by any business and can be your loyal customers.

What we do

Turn a Product idea into a fully functional product.

With the highest number of users all around the world, Google is the top-used search engine among others. Why, because today Google is the second name of reliability and authenticity and offers so many applications.

So using Google for advertising your business can be a good option for you where you don't need to spend even half of the money that you have to waste on other digital marketing options. And when your business is displayed on Google people will be sure about the credibility of your services.

Google Ads is an advertising platform by Google where you need to pay for the clicks that you will get on the ads that are being displayed on Google. So in this way, you will be hitting many targets from one single stone.

But this comes with a catch, Google has some checkboxes that need to be fulfilled first so that your ad can be displayed on Google.

Our team at GrowXP works for online businesses that want to use Google Ads but don't know how to. We have Adword experts who are skilled in Google ad campaign optimization, know how to create ad structure, and get the maximum ROI.

Turn a Product idea into a fully functional product.

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world that has no geographical boundaries and is used by people from all countries. So this gives the Facebook account holders a global reach without spending any extra penny for it.

This expansive nature of Facebook can be used for advertising too and is brilliantly used by many businesses already.

Why Facebook ads are a good option for you because it has filters that you can set to reach your target audience, comes with built-in ad analytics, and Facebook Ads Manager that will handle all aspects related to your business account.

However, creating ads for Facebook is not a cup of coffee that anyone can enjoy. That is where we come to rescue businesses.

At GrowXP you will get assistance from experts who are well–experienced with Facebook ads campaigns. Our team of experts took into account the values to which your business can relate.

Then we create such relevant and interesting ads for your businesses that will leverage the target audience and generate leads for you. Finally, you can turn these leads into your sales and maximize your profit.

The Facebook expert team will also monitor the performances of the ads and give you reports on Facebook ads performance and what can be done for improvement. Thus with the help of GrowXP, you can convert Facebook into a high-return investment platform for advertisements.

Turn a Product idea into a fully functional product.

Like Facebook there is another social media site that is gaining popularity and making people crazy about it, and that is no other than Instagram. Apart from being an interesting social media site, Instagram is also emerging as an innovative advertising social media platform.

Why because it targets a wide number of people spread all over the world and mainly of the young age group that spends more time on Instagram. Also, it provides plenty of ad options like Explore ads, Reel ads, Image ads, Video ads, IGTV ads, and Carousel ads to count only a few.

So if you want to tap into the vast reservoir of Instagram users for your business then Instagram Ads is a must for you.

And in this GrowXP can help you. We have the best Instagram ads, and an expert team, onboard that knows how to generate quality leads for your business through Instagram ads.

Our expert team first works on the ad type best for you and determines what is the suitable target audience for you. Then by using Ads Manager our experts will create the best and most interesting ads that can attract potential customers and make them loyal to your business.

On each ad created through Ads Manager, our team will monitor to draw insightful analytics for future use. That is how GrowXP can help you in getting the best for your money spent.

Turn a Product idea into a fully functional product.

While targeting the global audience and potential customers we can't afford to forget about the local customers who always come first for a business. So how to tap into the local customers and make them loyal to you?

Well for that businesses need to take the help of local business ads. At GrowXP you will get local business ads service through which you can increase your sales significantly.

The local business ad expert team will take care of everything related to local ads and make your business visible to local customers. To achieve the results our experts will analyze your business, its market share, tactics employed by your competitors in the same field, and how to target your audience.

After checking all the boxes our team will make an effective ad campaign for the client business and after getting the final approval from clients we will give the final touches to it. To maximize the results our team uses relevant keywords and tags and makes your business visible to the right audience.

At GrowXP businesses will get assistance from the best in the industry and will get quality leads, an increased number of phone calls, and enhanced visibility. So with GrowXP, you can make your local business grow and steal the limelight.

Turn a Product idea into a fully functional product.

YouTube is another product by Google that is specially made for video content and is as popular as Google Search Engine for queries all over the world. However, this video platform can be used for advertising too.

Today YouTube is the best online video content platform that offers a plethora of video material on all sorts of subjects. That is what makes it famous among all classes of people and in turn offer businesses a great opportunity to hit their target audience.

Through YouTube advertising you will have lots of advantages like an increased reach and visibility all around the world, data and insightful analytics on your ad campaigns, numerous opportunities for targeting your audience, and optimization of ad campaigns.

With all these benefits YouTube can be a perfect sales and marketing channel for your business. Now how GrowXP will help you with YouTube ads.

Well, we have an expert team of Google Ads professionals who are skilled in creating the best ad campaigns for Google. As YouTube is a product of Google so most of the tactics that go for Google Adwords work with YouTube too.

And our team of professionals is well–versed in YouTube ads so that you can make full use of this incredible video content platform.

Turn a Product idea into a fully functional product.

Today LinkedIn is well known as a brand-building and employment platform where millions of employers and employees meet and help each other to grow together.

However, unlike other platforms that can be used for advertisement, this is a little bit different in many respects. There are a variety of ad formats available for LinkedIn including sponsored content, dynamic ads, and text ads.

All the ads types are very different from each other, their format is different, their objective is different and similarly, their purposes are also. Now if you want to promote your business through LinkedIn then there are high chances that you will get confused about what to do.

And that's where GrowXP comes to your rescue. We have a team of LinkedIn ad experts who know very well how to target the right audience for your business so that you can get quality leads. Our team also knows how to make effective ad campaigns for LinkedIn and what format to use to achieve desired objectives.

We have the best team onboard for our clients that will work strategically, like first creating effective ad campaigns, putting calls to action at strategic points, monitoring the responses on the ads, and then drawing insightful results to make future ads more efficient.

Thus at GrowXP, you will get the best LinkedIn ad services that will make you achieve new heights for your business.

Our Clients


What do people have to say about GrowXP


Arjun Singh

Managing Director - Oscenox

“Custom Website, SEO, GMB, Google Ads ”

“ The team has much knowledge of the hotel and travel industry. They understand the business first and provide quality & growth 5x. Before the website was developed, they informed me of the speed, and how the website will look. I got the best result from their digital marketing service. I receive exactly what they show and tell”


Sobby Khan

Head of Branch- Biryani Mahal

“Google my Business Profile, Social media management”

“ Grow-XP manages the Google map business profile of our restaurant chain, and we got better leads from their work. They are managing our digital growth and I appreciate the GrowXP team and their transparency in work. They pay close attention to their client's needs, work diligently to meet those needs, and deliver the work on time.”



Cofounder- trueTN

“Website Design and Development”

“ Amazing team spirit with Excel outcomes. I liked the 15-procedure work unique methodology that GrowXP uses for client projects for giving 5x results. They informed me of the time commitment required for each step and the timeframe for milestones before the website was created. The team at GrowXP puts a lot of effort to make clients successful”

Google Ads Services FAQ

PPC or pay–per–click is a marketing tactic under which businesses put their ads on Google Ads and they need to pay only for the clicks they are getting on their ad campaigns. Although PPC is a great way to derive traffic, it also doesn't start working just right after displaying ad campaigns on Google. It will take at least three months to see the results of the PPC ad campaigns.
Further, these results can be used for analyzing the drawbacks of the earlier ads and to improve future ad campaigns in order to build up quality leads.

At GrowXP we work for your business and make it visible to the online audience so that you will get more traffic and calls from your customers? Our PPC pricing plans are affordable for every client who needs to take his business online.

PPC is a great digital marketing technique where you don't need to pay any extra penny for things that are not useful for you. In PPC you will only pay for the clicks that you get on your ads campaigns.
Also when you are working with Google and displaying your ads on it then one of the foremost advantages you are getting is that you will be hitting the right audience which can be converted into loyal customers.
With that, there are many more benefits you will get through PPC like brand awareness building, and instant visibility, and can achieve goals starting from the bottom of the marketing funnel to the top of it.

GrowXP is a PPC agency that has professional teams of experts who are well–trained and skilled in ad campaigns and digital marketing. Our experts know how to work with Google Ads, how to create effective ad campaigns, and how to monitor those ads.
But our journey doesn't end here and soon after launching your ads we will track the success of the ads and analyze the shortcoming so that in future ads improvements can be made accordingly. Why we are better than freelancers because we have skills as well as experience to deal with different kinds of conditions and are well–known for quality results.

There are various parameters on which the success of a campaign can be checked. Some of them are CTR or click-through rate, cost per conversion, conversion rate, quality score, page visits, cost per click, and how much time visitors are spending on your website. With the help of these metrics, you can analyze the success of your ad campaigns and make decisions accordingly.

PPC or pay – per – click is a form of marketing where businesses try to hit many targets in a single shot. Some of the major goals of using PPC include quality lead generation, brand promotion, to derive traffic and to increase conversion rates that can in turn augment sales.

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